PFS SAR is a feasibility study by Polish Space Agency of a satellite imaging radar system. It was commissioned by the Polish Space Agency for the industrial consortium, led by PLZ Warsaw-Okecie, and Creotech Instruments is the subcontractor. Creotech Instruments is responsible for the analysis of the domestic market of the technical solutions for the system.

Radar satellites make radar images of the Earth by scanning the area of interest with radio waves, sent by the radar on board. The radar signal reflected from the surface returns to the receiving antenna of the  radar. On the basis of the received and  processed radar signal, a radar image is created. Radar satellites are used for military reconnaissance, terrain mapping, monitoring of maritime traffic, and tacking shifts of tectonic plates.


Fig. 1. Radar Satellite COSMO-SkyMed (Defence24.pl).

Additional information

  1. Radar enables taking images of the Earth's surface regardless of the weather compared to the satellites imaging using reflected sunlight, which are dependent on the cloudless skies.
  2. The radar is an active sensor due to the fact that for imaging it sends its own radio frequency radiation.
  3. Poland has access to COSMO-SkyMed radar satellites thanks to the agreement signed with the Ministry of Defense of Italy.

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