FS SSA is the feasibility study by Polish Space Agency for the architecture of the awareness system in space, with particular emphasis on the subsystem monitoring and tracking of space objects. It was commissioned by the Polish Space Agency for the industrial consortium, led by Astri Poland, and Creotech Instruments SA is a subcontractor. Creotech Instruments SA is responsible for the analysis of the domestic market of  technical solutions for the system and analysis of the location of the system’s optical component in Poland and abroad.

The situational awareness in space consists of three components with the following tasks:

Observation and tracking of space objects, including space debris, in order to protect satellites from collisions with them, and detection of satellites not submitted for registration in the international register of space objects.

Observation and tracking of near-Earth objects, or asteroids threatening Earth.

Space weather involving the observing the solar activity and the space environment and its effects on Earth and satellites in orbits.

Additional information

Coronal mass ejections and solar flares disturb Earth's magnetic field, which can cause damage to the power grid in the polar regions of the Earth.

Currently, there are more than 18,000 space objects detected circulating in space. A destruction of a satellite by a rocket or collision of two satellites generates about 2,000 fragments.



Fig. 1. ESA Optical Ground Station on the island of Tenerife (ESA).


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