Creotech Instruments expands partnership with Polish Air Navigation Services Agency to monitor UAV flights


Warsaw Stock Exchange-listed Creotech Instruments continues its close partnership with the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight monitoring. The agreement with PANSA expands the functionalities of the ADS-B transponder-equipped UAV flight monitoring grounds stations delivered in 2020. The recent modification leverages multilateration to determine the position of monitored drones. Creotech Instruments also developed methods for analyzing, negotiating and filtering data transferred to PANSA’s Pansa UTM system. Moreover, the company was tasked with creating a system for presenting current information about the positioning of multiple monitored objects in close to real-time concurrently.

“This new UAV traffic monitoring technology allows for the physical verification of information regarding the position of individual drones, a feature particularly significant in terms of flight safety, as well as the protection of dedicated areas, facilities and the population. Particularly, the new functionality allows for detecting cases of spoofing, i.e. operations in a forbidden area with the simultaneous transmission of fake positioning data,” says Jacek Kosiec, Vice President of the Management Board of Creotech Instruments S.A.

Developed for the purposes of PANSA, the position verification system leverages multilateration, a technique for determining coordinates in space based on the times of arrival of signals from UAVs to a set of ground stations. The system supports tracking and presenting the current location of multiple aircraft equipped with ADS-B transponders. It also displays coordinates transmitted in the content of the ADS-B system and basic information about objects such as ID, altitude, speed, flight direction, as well as the verified position of objects and the value of any discrepancies in meters.

The results obtained so far have attested to the viability and credibility of the applied solution. Further work will involve system calibration, in particular the optimization of the algorithm and the placement of ground stations to achieve the highest accuracy and reliability possible.

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