Creotech Instruments S.A. partners up with Maxar Technologies, a global space industry leader


Maxar Technologies is a leading global provider of Earth observation solutions. As the WorldView satellite constellation owner and operator, the company collects high-resolution satellite imagery of over 3 million sq. km of our planet’s surface every day. Maxar satellites collect images with a resolution of up to 30 cm and an accuracy of at least 5 meters CE90, meaning that 90% of all WorldView images and derivative products will achieve a horizontal accuracy of 5 meters or better relative to the actual positioning of the imaged objects on the Earth’s surface.

Over the past 20 years, the company has accumulated 110 petabytes of data in its repository, updated daily with new collections, offering users a wealth of information about changes occurring on the Earth’s surface and facilitating informed decision-making. The company is also working on a new generation of satellites that will make up the WorldView Legion constellation, slated to launch in 2021. The new constellation will significantly enhance data availability on key areas of the Earth’s surface, allowing data to be analyzed quickly and on a large scale.

Creotech Instruments S.A., the largest company in the Polish space sector, is the leader of the CreoDIAS project, which involves the collection and processing of satellite data from the European Copernicus Earth observation program. Its partnership with Maxar will give users from Poland’s public sector both direct and indirect access to high-quality images of the Earth through the CreoDIAS platform and other Maxar products.

This will be possible thanks to the agreement between Creotech and Allies Incorporated, a company that provides images from the Maxar constellation to users, primarily from the Polish public sector. Under the agreement, Creotech will be able to offer its clients solutions based on the most precise satellite data available on the commercial market. The data will help respond to natural disasters, study the condition of the natural environment and create 3D maps, among other applications.

“Since we can now provide Maxar satellite imagery, our products will offer even greater accuracy rendering them more useful,” said Krzysztof Mysłakowski, head of the Satellite Data Division at Creotech Instruments S.A.“Public sector users will be able to order high-resolution imagery of specific areas to accurately monitor changes in real-time, including changes in the water level of lakes and rivers, or be able to predict an impending drought. This will allow them to take preemptive measures and, in the event of an emergency, immediate remedial action,” added Krzysztof Mysłakowski.

Superior quality for end users

Creotech Instruments S.A. is the leader of the CreoDIAS platform project, an advanced database center providing access services, among others, to data acquired by satellites of the Sentinel constellation and other data obtained under the Copernicus European Earth observation program. The images gathered on the platform can, for example, be used to monitor the actual size of farmland and assess soil quality. They also enable the accurate observation of water reservoirs, analyzing the level of afforestation and the composition of the forest stand, as well as of potential viability of sites as potential locations for renewable energy source projects. The only limit to the potential applications of satellite data is the ingenuity of users.

The advantage of images taken by Maxar satellites is much higher resolution and accuracy. Both data sets are highly complementary to each other.

“The combination of these two complementary data sources will offer superior quality to end users and equip them with an efficient tool to reign in unchecked urbanization, monitor the intensity of maritime or road traffic, and facilitate the development of practical traffic management systems, among other examples,” said Krzysztof Mysłakowski.

Data with potential

“The economic potential of high-resolution satellite imagery is enormous. From the observation and optimization of crops to the prevention of mining damage and supervision over large construction projects. Thanks to Maxar, our new partner, satellite data of the highest possible resolution for civilian applications will now be readily accessible to Polish government users,” said Jacek Kosiec, President of the Management Board of Creotech Instruments S.A.

“At Maxar, we believe that answers to some of the world’s most pressing problems are within our grasp if we view them from a broader, more comprehensive perspective. We would be hard-pressed to find a better remedy for this deficit of knowledge than the extensive use of data obtained from the Earth’s orbit,” said Andy Stephenson, Head of Strategic European International Programs at Maxar. “Satellite data is a powerful tool that can support economic growth, but also expand our understanding of the scale of environmental degradation and help us look at the pace of changes occurring on Earth from a new vantage point. That is why such partners are Creotech, supporting our initiatives on local markets, are so important to us.”

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