Creotech Instruments set to join sWIG80 index following 6 February trading session

GPW, Debiut Creotech Instruments SA

Creotech Instruments, a Polish manufacturer of satellites, satellite systems, and subsystems listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), is set to join the sWIG80 index following the close of the stock market session on 6 February. The company, which led the reserve list for inclusion in the sWIG80 index during the last quarterly review announced on 30 November 2023, will be added to the index as part of an extraordinary adjustment. This adjustment also involves the removal of TIM’s shares from the mWIG40 index, with TIM being replaced by Cognor and Creotech Instruments stepping into the position previously held by Cognor in the sWIG80. In 2023, the sWIG80 index reached unprecedented heights in its nearly three-decade history. Marking significant milestones, Creotech Instruments debuted on the NewConnect market on 12 October 2021, and by 11 July 2022, had transitioned to the Main Market of the WSE, following the year’s largest and sole public offering.

The sWIG80 index encompasses the 80 largest firms on the Warsaw Stock Exchange not featured in the WIG20 or mWIG40 indexes. Inclusion in such prestigious indexes often results in heightened investor interest, potentially enhancing both average daily trading volumes and overall turnover.

“Being included in the sWIG80 index signifies excellent news, highlighting the scale of our rapid growth. Our leap to the Main Market of the WSE within just three quarters of our introduction to the NewConnect late in 2021, following the unprecedented success of 2022’s sole public offering, is a testament to our progress. Over the 2 years and 4 months since our stock market debut, shareholders have seen remarkable returns, with our business model and future growth potential attracting a wider investor base, including key institutional investors like TFI PZU and OFE Allianz Polska, which hold significant shares in the company. This market recognition fills us with pride and serves as a motivator for future endeavors. Our strategic objective is to become the leading provider of microsatellite technology for both defense and commercial projects within the EU. The funding secured from the October 2023 public offering will enable us to comprehensively fulfill our strategic components. With the space market poised for growth, our inclusion in the sWIG80 index promises to offer investors enticing opportunities in this sector. The record-setting year for the sWIG80 index in 2023 is just the beginning, and we anticipate our continued development to significantly contribute to the performance of one of Poland’s top three stock market indexes,” said Grzegorz Brona, PhD, President of the Management Board (CEO) of Creotech Instruments S.A.

Quarterly index evaluations consider share turnover and the monthly turnover ratio over the preceding 12 months, up to the ranking day. The free float share value is determined based on the closing share price on the ranking day. In the most recent quarterly ranking in November 2023, Creotech Instruments was ranked first on the reserve list for the sWIG80 index.

Founded on 2 January 2012, Creotech Instruments embarked on its market journey with a debut on the NewConnect on 12 October 2021. Within merely three quarters, it made a successful transition to the Main Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 11 July 2022, marking the largest and only public offering of that year.

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