Creotech Instruments Honored with Defender Award at Europe’s Key Defense Event: MSPO 2023 in Kielce


Creotech Instruments, a Polish satellite, systems, and components manufacturer listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), was honored with the Defender award at the 31st International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO) held in Kielce. The company received the accolade for its innovative HyperSat satellite platform in the “Military Reconnaissance Equipment” category. This modular platform, fundamental to missions such as EagleEye and PIAST, was recognized for its technical innovation, technological originality, and operational value coupled with robust economic viability. Creotech Instruments’ participation in MSPO signifies its growing efforts in defense, both nationally—through its project with the Polish Armament Agency—and continentally, as a vital member of the EU’s REACTS project consortium, financed by the European Defense Fund.

The International Defense Industry Exhibition is one of the most important industry events in the defense sector in Poland. This edition, the largest thus far, featured 779 exhibitors spread across 34,000 m2, the majority being international companies from 34 different countries. The continuous growth and scale of the exhibition position it alongside renowned expos in Paris and London. The President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, extended his patronage to the MSPO, with the Polish Armaments Group serving as the event’s Strategic Partner. South Korea was the featured country this year, presenting its Lead Nation Exhibition.

The award for Creotech’s HyperSat platform is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Polish scientists, engineers, and managers in creating cutting-edge space technologies capable of competing on the global stage. I congratulate Creotech on this well-deserved recognition. I am confident that this is merely a stepping stone, and the Polish space industry will continue to flourish, driven by Poland’s increased contribution to the European Space Agency, serving as a catalyst for all companies and scientific institutions. Further success is thus only a matter of time,” says Prof. Grzegorz Wrochna, President of the Polish Space Agency.

“The Defender award at MSPO 2023 brings dual joy. Firstly, it is an endorsement from the Awards Committee, which comprises the Polish Army logistics management and ministry representatives. Secondly, it validates our observations of the exhibition where space and satellite solutions attracted immense attention from both local and international attendees. The MSPO audience includes pivotal decision-makers for pending and future domestic strategic defense projects. Further, the distinction highlights Creotech’s expanding role in the defense sector, where at the European Union level, we lead one of the key segments of the REACTS project, alongside prominent space companies like DLR, OHB, and Airbus Defense and Space. Domestically, the PIAST project, carried out for the Armament Agency, continues on track, with the recent successful transition from phase 0 to phase A,” remarks Grzegorz Brona, PhD, President of the Management Board (CEO) of Creotech Instruments S.A.

HyperSat is Poland’s first satellite platform, developed from scratch by Polish engineers, consisting of modules of individual subsystems. It allows for the scalable design and production of satellites weighing from 10 kg to several dozen kilograms for various purposes, including: image reconnaissance, telecommunications and navigation from low Earth orbit. HyperSat has been in development by Creotech Instruments since 2017 and was created with the support of experts from the European Space Agency and aligns with European design and construction standards for satellite systems (ECSS). This platform serves as the basis for the upcoming EagleEye mission scheduled for 2024 and the PIAST mission. The company further intends to leverage it in strategic defense initiatives both at the national level and within Europe.

“The International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce serves as a nexus for defense industry entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and suppliers to cultivate business relationships and showcase their innovative solutions. Our active participation, with a strong delegation of eight and a dedicated Creotech stand presenting our brand and products, has been a resounding success. We held numerous meetings and business talks about our pending projects and the wide range of solutions we offer. Furthermore, we delved into our advancements in the quantum domain, especially in quantum key distribution – the pinnacle of secure information transmission. In conflict scenarios, the imperative of secure communication cannot be overstated, a lesson clearly understood from the era of the famous Enigma machine,” adds Grzegorz Brona.

In July, Poland made a strategic decision to boost its national contribution to the European Space Agency budget by an additional EUR 295m in 2023-2025. To date, Creotech has identified eight potential projects where it could supply its proprietary satellite platform. If chosen to contribute to the execution of these projects, the company anticipates its share could amount to EUR 30-50m annually. Currently, the company is in talks with ESA regarding four different space missions, all based on its proprietary HyperSat microsatellite platform. Over the past decade, Creotech has successfully executed more than 25 space projects in conjunction with ESA, thereby becoming one of the largest Polish contractors and the first choice in Central Europe for key Agency projects.

Creotech Instruments specializes in satellite systems and advanced electronics, including those used for quantum applications. It is the sole company in Poland capable of constructing microsatellites ranging from 10 kg to several dozen kilograms. A significant milestone for the company is the EagleEye satellite project, which is aimed at Earth observation in the visible spectrum, built on the proprietary HyperSat microsatellite platform. EagleEye is scheduled to be launched into orbit in 2024 aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. Additionally, the company is a collaborator on the PIAST project, through which it intends to launch a constellation of three small observation satellites in 2025, also based on the HyperSat platform.

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