EuroHPC JU to Create European Quantum Computing Network with Support from Creotech Instruments

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On 27 June, the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) formalized agreements to establish and integrate quantum computing networks at six strategic locations across Europe, including Poland. The other countries selected to participate in this initiative are Czechia, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. This move ensures a diversity of quantum technologies and architectures, positioning Europe at the forefront of the rapidly advancing quantum computing field. The agreements detail the roles, rights, and obligations of all involved parties. The procurement process for the quantum computers, overseen by EuroHPC JU, is slated to begin shortly. The total cost for the project is EUR 100 million. As a consortium member, Creotech Instruments will be responsible for the installation of a quantum computer in Poland, as part of the High Performance Computing infrastructure of the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center.

EuroHPC JU is an initiative spearheaded by the European Union aimed at enhancing European computational power through the development and integration of advanced computing technologies, especially quantum systems and computers. The project will enable European users to explore and harness high computational potential, which could lead to significant scientific discoveries, technological innovations, and industrial growth.

“Creotech Instruments’ vast expertise and specialized knowledge enable us to successfully become a part of the European value chain associated with the intensive development of quantum systems and computers. Investment and development efforts in this field are accelerating, not just in Europe, but on a global scale, further strengthening our company’s position in this specialized area. Given the promising market growth projections and our involvement in other projects, such as the construction of the EU’s first large-scale quantum computer and the creation of a product line for quantum key distribution, I am confident that the quantum sector will be a significant factor in our company’s future success. We are on track to becoming a leader in quantum technologies in Central Europe,” comments Grzegorz Brona, PhD, President of the Management Board (CEO) of Creotech Instruments S.A.

The quantum systems and computers delivered under this project will primarily be available for research and development purposes to a broad range of European users, including members of the scientific community, the industrial sector, and the public sector, regardless of their geographical location within Europe. The quantum infrastructure is also expected to facilitate the development of a diverse array of industrial, scientific, and societal applications across Europe, thereby enhancing Europe’s supercomputing capabilities. Europe aspires to become a global quantum computing leader, and this project aims to foster synergies among all systems located in the six participating countries, including standardizing key components.

There are numerous computational challenges in industry and science that conventional supercomputers struggle to solve. These include tasks such as traffic flow optimization, managing smart networks, and the development of new drugs and materials based on highly precise quantum mechanical models in chemistry and physics. Quantum computing offers novel ways to tackle these complex issues. The integration of quantum computing capabilities with high-performance computing (HPC) applications has the potential to lead to scientific breakthroughs and open new doors for industrial innovation.

“In the project to establish a network of European quantum computers across Czechia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Poland, we will be in charge of the Polish quantum computer project. Our team’s task will be to create specialized control and measurement electronics within the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC), which is affiliated with the Polish Academy of Sciences. Other participants in the EuroQCS-Poland program include the Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the University of Latvia, in addition to Creotech and PSNC,” adds Grzegorz Brona.

Creotech Instruments is involved in key international quantum projects, notably including the construction of the first large-scale quantum computer for the European Union. As part of this endeavor, Creotech will supply the electronics that control the computer’s central processing unit (CPU). In April 2023, the company signed a contract with the European Commission. This agreement stipulates a consortium-wide budget of approximately EUR 20m, with around EUR 2.2m allocated to Creotech. The project aims to develop a 100-qubit quantum computer by 2025, and to achieve the technological readiness required to construct a 1000-qubit solution by 2029. Creotech was the only company from Central and Eastern Europe invited to participate in the project. The global quantum computer market is projected to reach USD 1bn by 2026, up from a USD 472m valuation in 2021. This represents a CAGR of 30.2%.

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