MTCA Systems for large infrastructures

MicroTCA (MTCA) is a well-established modular standard for measurement and control systems. Special versions of casings and modules are available for laboratories, military and aviation. The newest release of the standard (MTCA.4) supports high frequency RF applications, in particular for particle accelerators, radio, telecommunications and radar.

MTCA provides:

  • compatibility with White Rabbit sub-nanosecond synchronization technology and event and RF distribution over fiber networks;
  • support of high frequency low-noise RF signal distribution and processing;
  • efficient integration of modular systems;
  • hard real time system support;
  • transparent, modular, and extensible system;
  • IPMI-based shelf management and switching functionality of the system via MicroTCA Carrier Hubs (MCHs);
  • use of Advanced Mezzanine Cards in a hot-swappable backplane format.

Our Scientific Instrumentation group specializes in MTCA hard real time control systems, where external event to system response time is guaranteed within a few microseconds. This feature is crucial in applications where failing to react in time can cause system failure or damage, e.g.:

  1. industrial robotics and manufacturing,
  2. particle accelerators subsystems control,
  3. safety systems for tokamaks,
  4. qubits control in quantum technologies,
  5. hardware-software co-simulation (EGSE for satellites).

Our MTCA products include:

  • the AMC FMC Carrier family: AFC, AFCK (Kintex) and AFCZ (ZynQ) with a very flexible clock circuit that enables any clock source to be connected to any clock input, including telecom clock, FMC clocks and FPGA; the carriers together with various Creotech FMC and RTM cards can be used as nodes in a White Rabbit network with high signal processing power and for building hard real time systems. Our AMC FMC carriers are compatible with ARTIQ;
  • large spectrum of FMC cards for various applications;
  • Sinara ecosystem Sayma AMC and RTM modules for SAWG (Smart Arbitrary Waveform Generator).

We offer:

  • MTCA products and customer support
  • MTCA system design and consultancy services.

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