Poland’s Creotech Instruments to Work on New Space Infrastructure Standards for EU Forces

Rocket flies through the clouds

“REACTS: Responsive European Architecture for Space,” a project in which Creotech Instruments is a consortium member, was selected for financing on 26 June 2023 as part of the European Defense Fund. This initiative aims to establish a European system that enables the launch of new satellites into orbit within 72 hours of a crisis. Creotech Instruments will collaborate with 37 other European entities on this groundbreaking venture led by the German Aerospace Center. The project’s total value is EUR 19.3m, with around EUR 1.1m allocated to Creotech Instruments. As a consortium member, Creotech Instruments will oversee a crucial component of the project – the analysis of the space segment, including space missions, satellite platforms, and system engineering. The project will span 21 months, starting in January 2024. Upon completion, the EU forces in the satellite sector will have access to various standards, including Creotech’s proprietary HyperSat platform.

“Creotech Instruments will play a pivotal role in the ‘REACTS’ project, which aims to bolster the defense capabilities of all European Union Member States. Importantly, we have been tasked with creating standards for small satellites, where we are recognized as European experts. We will coordinate the efforts of 12 entities, including major players such as  Airbus Defense and Space and DLR. The project aims to establish EU-wide standards for deploying operational satellites into orbit in less than 72 hours from the onset of a crisis. Leveraging satellite constellations to restore comprehensive operational capabilities – including communication, imaging, and navigation is a strategic initiative for Europe’s security. After the project is completed, one of the standards available to the EU will be our proprietary HyperSat satellite platform. The limited 72-hour window doesn’t allow for the construction of new satellites; thus, the project assumes that these devices will be pre-built, stationed at European spaceports, and ready for swift launch into orbit when required,” comments Grzegorz Brona, PhD, President of the Management Board (CEO) of Creotech Instruments S.A.

The European Defense Fund is a European Union initiative aimed at enhancing the defense capabilities of its Member States and promoting defense cooperation across Europe. REACTS is coordinated by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), with consortium members that include some of Europe’s largest entities such as Airbus Defense and Space (Germany, France, Spain), ArianeGroup, OHB System, Kongsberg Defense & AeroSpace, Telespazio, and Safran. Creotech Instruments has been entrusted with coordinating the development of a standard for small satellites, which will be implemented as part of the EU’s acquired defense capability. The company oversees the work of 12 entities, including Airbus Defense and Space, DLR, TNO, EnduroSat, NanoAvionics, and OHB System.

The REACTS project involves a comprehensive analysis of the technological capabilities of European entities in the space industry. Its objective is to propose an architectural and operational concept that enables the deployment of functional satellites into orbit within 72 hours of the onset of a crisis. Over a period of 21 months, starting in January 2024, a system architecture will be developed. This architecture will provide European Member States with an enhanced collaborative defense capability consisting of a resilient and scalable network of responsive space (satellite) systems. In other words, it will enable the launch of satellites and the provision of data within three days. Creotech Instruments coordinates the satellite portion of the project. Upon completion, forces of EU Member States in the satellite sector will have access to various standards, including the company’s proprietary HyperSat platform.

Creotech Instruments specializes in satellite systems and advanced electronics, including those used for quantum applications. It is the only company in Poland with the capability to build microsatellites ranging from 10 kg to several dozen kilograms. A significant milestone for the company is the EagleEye satellite project, which is aimed at Earth observation in the visible spectrum, built on the proprietary HyperSat microsatellite platform. The platform supports a wide array of missions, from technological and scientific to observational, telecommunications, and deep space projects. Its modular design allows for the scalability of satellites within the 10-60 kg range and potentially even beyond 100 kg in the future. EagleEye is scheduled to be launched into orbit in 2024 aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. Additionally, Creotech Instruments is a co-executor of the PIAST project, which aims to deploy a constellation of three small observation satellites in 2025, all based on the HyperSat platform.

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