Sinara/ARTIQ Ecosystem for Quantum Technologies

Our Sinara hardware solutions compatible with ARTIQ software are tailored to the needs of quantum technologies research and development laboratories. They provide:

  • modular architecture for fast and flexible system building
  • quick (few microseconds) response times of the control system
  • efficient multi-channel readout and processing
  • low noise and cross-talk signal generation.

Recent developments in quantum physics experimental techniques carry a promise for revolutionary new applications of quantum phenomena in computing, simulations, sensing and metrology. In parallel to these techniques, new hardware and software designs for control systems have to be created in order to make advances in research and technology possible.

ARTIQ (Advanced Real-Time Infrastructure for Quantum physics) is a leading-edge control system for quantum information experiments, developed in partnership with a growing number of research institutions worldwide. The system features a high-level programming language that helps describe complex experiments, which is compiled and executed on dedicated hardware with nanosecond timing resolution and sub microsecond latency.

A large spectrum of modules in Eurocard and MTCA formats, provided by Creotech, allows to control all aspects of qubit preparation, handling and readout and includes:

  • DDS (MTCA octal 2.4GS/s, Eurocard quad 1GS/s)
  • ADC (MTCA octal 125MS/s, Eurocard octal 1MS/s)
  • DAC (MTCA, Eurocard 32 channel)
  • Digital IO (BNC, SMA, LVDS)
  • Deterministic real time controller (sub ns)
  • Slow control VHDCI breakout
  • Frame-grabber compatible with Camera Link™
  • Clock distribution
  • 8 channel RF amplifier for AOM
  • Temperature controller
  • Piezo driver
  • Magnetic field stabilizer
  • SoC controller
  • SAWG
  • and many others.

The majority of the hardware was designed by the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), significant development and testing was performed at Creotech and ARTIQ integration is provided by M-Labs and QUARTIQ. The development is funded among others by NCBR, ARL, Duke University, University of Oxford, University of Oregon, and the University of Freiburg. Several international partners (M-Labs, US Army Research Laboratory (ARL), the University of Oxford, the University of Maryland and NIST Boulder, among others) are contributing peripherals compatible with the Sinara hardware. All work is licensed under CERN OHL v1.2.

We offer:

  • Sinara hardware
  • Customer support
  • Integrated (plug-and-play) systems based on Sinara and ARTIQ.

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