Innovative autonomous camera for near-earth object monitoring


The project aims to develop an innovative camera based on a sCMOS sensor for professional astronomical applications. The camera is tailored for SST systems as a European alternative to US cameras.

The camera will offer the following added value over existing solutions:

  • advanced built-in Linux operating system enabling autonomous operation
  • customizability through user-accessible programmable resources (FPGA and embedded processor).

This project will draw one Creotech Instruments S.A.’s long-standing experience in developing FPGA-based systems and camera projects.

It will offer built-in sensor data processing capabilities, a product novelty presenting a major competitive advantage. The application of modern sCMOS sensors will improve the camera’s efficiency versus commonly-used CCD sensors and greatly simplify its power supply and cooling system.

Parallel to the designing and prototyping process, Creotech Instruments will design and develop prototype test stands to control the manufacturing process and verify the parameters of the camera’s components and the final device.

The project is part-financed by National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) as part of the Fast Track for the Mazovia Province program.

Project value: PLN 7,324,078.15

Part-financing received by Creotech Instruments: PLN 5,466,709.70


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