Inquiry 3/Quantera01/2024

Group 261@2x

Please be advised that no offer has been received as part of the inquiry No. 3/QUANTERA01/2024.



Creotech Instruments S.A. announces a change in the deadline for the submission of tenders and, consequently, a change in the content of the document Request for proposal No. 3/QUANTERA01/2024.

Request for proposal No. 3/Quantera01/2024 after change

Notice of extension of the deadline for submission of tenders



Creotech Instruments S.A. is inviting to submit proposals due to Request for proposal No. 3/Quantera01/2024

Request for proposal No. 3/Quantera01/2024

Annex no. 1 Technical Specification

Annex no. 2 Inquiry Form

Annex no. 3

Annex no. 4

Annex no. 5

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