PIAST, a nanosatellite constellation for optoelectronic image recognition


The PIAST (Polish ImAging SaTellites) project is run by a consortium of parties involved in the space sector: the Jaroslaw Dabrowski Military University of Technology, Creotech Instruments S.A., the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation, Scanway Sp. z o.o. and PCO S.A.

The project aims to design, construct and place in orbit a constellation of three PIAST observation nanosatellites to carry out optoelectronic imaging recognition and demonstrate the ability to acquire imagery with a resolution of 5m, perform orbital maneuvers and lower the orbital altitude.

The project is based on the proprietary HyperSat satellite platform developed by Creotech Instruments.

The satellites will be integrated in Poland by Creotech Instruments S.A., made using Polish technologies (platform, propulsion, AOCS, telescopes, laser devices – with up-scalability to microsatellite-class) and controlled from Polish soil. The project will also see the development of algorithms to increase imaging resolution by numerically combining photographs made by satellites working together within the constellation.

The project is part-financed by National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) as part of the SZAFIR program.

Project duration: 01/06/2021 – 31/05/2025

Total project cost (consortium): PLN 70 159 890

Part-financing received by Creotech Instruments: PLN 23,373,051


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