Renaissance, a new HyperCube satellite platform


Creotech Instruments S.A. is carrying out a project entitled “RENESANS project, a satellite platform under new HyperCube standard”. The project is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under Measure 1.1 “R&D projects of enterprises”, Sub-measure 1.1.1 “Industrial research and development work implemented by enterprises” under Priority Axis I:p “Support for R&D activity of enterprises” of the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020.

The RENESANS project involves developing a universal satellite platform in the HyperSat MINI (HSN or HyperCube) standard for application in low-cost space missions, particularly satellite constellations, with a short lead time.

The project will see the development of a modular platform ranging from 30x30x10 cm and 10 kg to 30x30x60 cm and 60 kg. The electronics portion of the project will deliver all subsystems,  including the power supply subsystem, on-board computer, and communication subsystem.

The platform’s main advantages will be its modularity and reproducibility, giving clients considerable freedom in configuring the satellite using ready-made modules. The platform has a similar definition to the smaller CubeSat platform (10x10x10 cm, 1 kg), but will be designed as a carrier for larger instruments, making the array of HSN’s potential applications much broader. What makes the platform highly competitive against other platforms with a similar form factor, besides its innovative architecture and modularity, is that all subsystem specifications will be made available free of charge based on an open license.

Creotech (CTI) is the only company in Poland with technological processes and a production line qualified by the European Space Agency (ESA) to manufacture electronic components intended for use in space. The project will draw on the experience following from the SATAIS-PL project, where CTI acts as the leader of a consortium contracted by ESA to build the first Polish utility satellite.

Total project value: PLN 19,861,909.89

Funding amount: PLN 14,987,937.32

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