Jacek Kosiec

Vice President of the Management Board


University of Warsaw, Master of Science in Physics (elementary particles)

Postgraduate study: University of Texas at Austin, IC2 Institute, Commercialization of science and technology

Scientific and academic research

University of Warsaw;  Goethe University Frankfurt;  Max Planck Institute Munich; European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Business experience and achievements

  • Collaborated with Professor G. Charpak (Nobel Prize winner) in commercializing radiography equipment in biology and medicine;
  • Developed business process models of technology commercialization;
  • Conceived and led development of the Warsaw University Technology Transfer Centre and the Płock Industrial – Technological Park;
  • Co-developed the technical and economic study to accelerate Internet use in Poland through Warsaw’s Municipal Internet Network WARMAN;
  • Coordinated USAID‘s Fabrykat 2000 technology transfer program supporting 4 technology transfer centres and 116 SMEs;
  • Co-founded 6 startup enterprises, wrote over 100 expert opinions in ​​enterprise microeconomics and organization / management structure;
  • In 2012 at Creotech Instruments, Mr. Kosiec launched projects in space technologies, whose success has propelled Creotech to leadership in the Polish space sector, with the largest number and value of ESA (European Space Agency) contracts in Poland;
  • In 2017 Mr. Kosiec founded Fine Bubble Technologies Ltd. (FBT) to commercialize a novel technology, the infusion of gas micro-nanobubbles (MNB) in liquids, with wide applications in manufacturing, agriculture, environmental protection, and medicine. The ESA has contracted with FBT together with Creotech Instruments to develop devices for the micro-cleansing of satellite parts through MNB dispersion in water.

Scientific experience and achievements

A number of scientific publications within the NA35 group on experimental particle physics and quartz-gluon plasma exploration in the framework of the work carried out at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Participation in an ordered research project entitled “Development of methods of knowledge transformation and technology transfer – Model structures supporting technology transfer – Methods of assessment of effectiveness and efficiency (Warsaw University of Technology).

Mr. Kosiec devised and published a model of commercializing technology beyond early stages, titled Models of Immersive Technology Commercialization, reflecting his theoretical knowledge and practical experience in quality / project management processes and systems in the space industry.

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