Science Carrier MTCA / µTCA White Rabbit


The AMC FMC CARRIER KINTEX – AFCK is partially based on SPEC design (supply, WR clocks), primarily designed to support quad 16-bit ADC FMC boards for BPM back-end.

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The card has a flexible clock circuit that enables any clock source to be connected to any clock input, including telecom clock, FMC clocks and FPGA. Specifications are very similar to the AMC FMC CARRIER – AFC, the only difference is a faster FPGA from the kintex7 family – Xilinx Kintex-7 325T FFG900 FPGA.

Technical Parameters

Programmable resources

  • Xilinx Kintex-7 325T FFG900 FPGA
  • MMC: LPC1764FBD100, optionally Atxmega128A1U-AU


  • 2GB (16Gbit) DDR3 SDRAM (32-bit interface), 800MHz (clock)
  • SPI Flash for FPGA configuration; accessible by MMC
  • SPI Flash for user data storage
  • EEPROM with MAC and unique ID


  • 2 high pin count (HPC) slots for 2 single width mezzanines or 1 double width mezzanine
  • Mini-USB connected to the MMC processor
  • Mini-USB UART connected to FPGA or MMC
  • Mini-USB connected to the IPMI processor
  • Stand-alone power connector (12V, 3.3V aux)
  • SATA connector for Port2, Port3 with possibility of switching to FPGA GTP
  • GTP connected to FMC1 (x4), FMC2 (x4), FP1 (x4), FP2 (x4), Port0, Port1, RTM (x8), selected by capacitor placement
  • RTM connector with 8 GTP routed to it. Compatible with rtm-sfp8 module


  • Power supply for FPGA, memory, FMCs – programmable VADJ 1.8-3.3V (independent for each FMC)
  • Monitoring of voltage and current of all FMC buses
  • Stand-alone power connector


  • Clock distribution circuit compatible with White Rabbit
  • Clock crossbar, 16 inputs x 16 outputs


  • Temperature, voltage and current monitoring for critical power buses
  • Temperature monitoring: FMC1, FMC2, supply, FPGA core, DDR memory
  • JTAG multiplexer (SCANSTA) for FMC access, local JTAG port and remote debug/Chipscope via Ethernet


This module can be used for building control and measurement systems in MTCA standard. In particular, it is tailored to the requirements of fast hard real time systems with multi-channel processing and White Rabbit ultra-precise time synchronization. Use cases include control systems for large research infrastructures.


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