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BaseMod is a Sayma RTM mezzanine module.

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BaseMod is an AFE daughter card in an FMC-style form factor and features a large number of parallel digital IO lines that can, optionally, support synchronous ADCs. Each BaseMod PCB provides 4 channels of phase-coherent RF as well as 4 analog inputs (LTC2324-16 16-bit, up to 5 MS/s).

Technical Parameters

General Information

  • Base Mod has an FMC-style form factor – it has the same width as FMC but the PCB is longer. It has an opposite gender connector
  • 4 channels
  • AFE design is similar as on the Sampler module
  • DAC path is similar as on the Urukul module


This module can be used for building control and measurement systems for optical and quantum physics experiments and quantum technologies development. In particular, the Sinara ecosystem is tailored to the needs of working with trapped ions and cold atoms. Compatible with ARTIQ software.


More technical information:


We offer electronics engineering consultancy services related to Sinara hardware, including: custom modifications of hardware, custom firmware and gateware modifications, system design, integration and testing.

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