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Booster HL

Booster is an eight channel RF power amplifier.

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Booster HL (High Linearity power stage). External low THD amplifier. It is optimized for high linearity while standard Booster is optimized for high efficiency. The Booster-HL version has very low signal distortion. It has 8 inputs/outputs, exactly as the standard Booster. Mounted in a compact 2U high 19” chassis, it is optimized for low cost and low power consumption, while providing good RF performance. It provides full interlocking and logging via a flexible Ethernet-based remote interface.

Technical parameters

General information

  • High linearity with 32 dB power gain (+/- 1.5 dB).
  • Bandwidth: 100-500 MHz (3 dB small-signal bandwidth: 40-600 MHz).
  • Maximum input power without damage: 25 dBm
  • Ethernet interface for monitoring and configuration.
  • User-configurable interlocks protect both Booster and sensitive loads connected to it from damage.
  • Per-channel remote monitoring of: input power, output forward and output reverse power; temperature; currents and voltages.
  • Remote control of individual channels via Ethernet.
  • Open source hardware and firmware.
  • Modular design with individually field-replaceable channels, for example to change the frequency band.
  • Two HW versions are available: High Efficiency (standard) and High Linearity (HL), which is optimized for very low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion).


This module can be used for building control and measurement systems for optical and quantum physics experiments and quantum technologies development. In particular, the Sinara ecosystem is tailored to the needs of working with trapped ions and cold atoms. Compatible with ARTIQ software.



We offer electronics engineering consultancy services related to Sinara hardware, including: custom modifications of hardware, custom firmware and gateware modifications, system design, integration and testing.

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