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The FMC DAC 600M 12B 1CHA DDS is a FPGA Mezzanine Card module. It can be used to distribute RF signals over the White Rabbit network.

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Together with the Simple PCIe FMC Carrier – SPEC, the FMC DAC 600M 12B 1CHA DDS board makes a complete WR RF distribution node. The idea of RF distribution over WR is described in the Distributed Direct Digital Synthesis over White Rabbit (D3S) project:

Technical Parameters


  • Low-Pin Count FMC
  • 14-bit 600MHz DAC (MAX5890EGK+D) with splitter and amplifier
  • ADF4002 phase detector + programmable LPF + 16-bit ADC
  • AD9510 PLL with external oscillator for jitter cleaning of the synthesized RF signal
  • 4-layer PCB
  • On-board thermometer IC (DS18B20U+)
  • 64kbit EEPROM (24AA64T-I/MC) connected for storing application parameters
  • 2 LEDs

I/Os (LEMO 00)

  • 50 Ohm RF reference in (up to 500 MHz)
  • 50 Ohm RF monitor/synthesis out (up to 500 MHz)
  • Jitter < 20ps RMS (V2-1 design)
  • Divided beam clock output (LVTTL)
  • External Trigger input (LVTTL)
  • Fine-delay adjusted RF synchronous trigger output (LVTTL)

Clocking resources

  • 1x user-specified frequency VCTCXO controlled by the AD9510 PLL for low additional jitter cleaning
  • 1x 25 MHz TCXO controlled by a DAC with SPI interface (AD5662, used by White Rabbit PTP core)
  • Low-jitter frequency synthesizer/fanout (AD9516)
  • Trigger output (beam-clock synchronous) with fine delay adjustment by SY89295


This module has been designed to be used together with the Simple PCIe FMC Carrier – SPEC for distributing periodic (mainly clock) signals of arbitrary frequencies over a White Rabbit network. Possible applications in the accelerators are: beam-synchronous timing, RF clock distribution and RF or beam-synchronous signal acquisition.


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