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The FMC DEL 1NS 4CHA delay module takes in a TTL trigger signal and sends it out to four different outputs

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The FMC DEL 1NS 4CHA module takes the signal from the trigger input and distributes it, introducing intentional controllable delay to each of the outputs. The delay can be set independently for each channel in a range from 600 ns to 120 seconds.

Technical Parameters


  • 1 trigger input channel, 4 outputs
  • LEMO 00 connectors for all signals
  • Low Pin Count (LPC) FMC connector
  • Signal level: TTL, outputs capable of driving a 50 Ohm load, > 2 V/ns slew rate.
  • Operating modes: Pulse delay – on trigger, generates a pulse or series of pulses of given width and repetition rate on chosen outputs after a certain time programmed by the user. Single channel TDC – time tags incoming trigger pulses available via a circular buffer. Pulse generator – produces a pulse or a series of pulses of arbitrary length and repetition rate starting at a given UTC/TAI time.
  • input pulse width 100 ns. Pulses below 24 ns are ignored.
  • input pulse rate 1 MHz (minimum pulse spacing: 1 μs).
  • Output pulse width 250 ns – 1 s (10 ps resolution), 50ns – 1 s (pulse generation mode only, 4 ns resolution).
  • Output pulse spacing 250 ns – 1 s (10 ps resolution), 50ns – 1 s (pulse generation mode only, 4 ns resolution).
  • Trigger to output delay 600 ns (min) to 120 seconds (max). Independent setting for each channel.
  • Output pulse repeat count (train generation) 1 – 65536 pulses or infinity (continuous mode).
  • Timebase accuracy ±2.5 ppm. The timebase from a local TCXO on FMC card needs calibration. The 2.5 ppm accuracy is the one of the on- board TCXO. Cesium-quality accuracy will be reached when used on a White Rabbit enabled FMC carrier.
  • TDC resolution 28 ps, 55ps TDC precision (std. dev)
  • Delay accuracy: baseline: < 300 ps average, < 1 ns peak-to-peak (minimum delay setting of 600 ns). Accuracy is as good as the time base, e.g., for a delay of 1 s using internal time base, the worst-case error will be (2.5 ppm x 1 s) = 2.5 us. The accuracy can be greatly improved by locking the card to GPS/Cesium clock source through White Rabbit.
  • 1024-entries circular buffer with time tags for in- put/output pulses. Buffer interrupt (with time-out/threshold coalescing)
  • Power consumption: 7 Watt (200 mA from 12V, 1.5 A from 3.3V).


This module has been designed to be used together with the Simple PCIe FMC Carrier – SPEC for trigger signal processing and distribution applications and control systems with White Rabbit ultra-precise time synchronization.



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