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Metlino is an extension for MicroTCA carrier hub (MCH) optimized for use with Sinara hardware.

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Metlino together with the MCH module serves as the crate master, controlling µTCA peripherals (such as Sayma) in real-time by sending ARTIQ DRTIO commands over the crate backplane (MCH Fabric D-G). It can also control additional ARTIQ peripherals via the SFP and VHDCI connectors on the front panel.

Metlino can be used either as the ARTIQ master or as an ARTIQ DRTIO slave connected to the master via DRTIO. In the master mode, it receives commands from the host PC via Ethernet, while in the slave mode, it receives commands from the ARTIQ master via DRTIO link.

Metlino provides 64 LVDS IOs, accessible through 2 VHDCI connectors, as well as 1 FMC LPC. The VHDCIs are compatible with the VHDCI carrier and Eurocard Extension Modules and can be used to drive such EEMs like Sampler, Urukul or DIO BNC.

Technical Parameters

General information:

  • Kintex UltraScale KU040 FPGA (XCKU040-1FFVA1156C).
  • 2 GB DDR3L SDRAM (4x 4Gb).
  • 2x 32 MB flash memory for FPGA configuration.
  • JTAG and UART (both to MMC and FPGA) available via onboard microUSB connector.
  • Si5324-based clocking system with hardware support for DDMTD White Rabbit implementation.
  • Ethernet connectivity to base board using either FPGA MGT or Marvel 88E1512 PHY.
  • LPC1776-based management platform for communication with Base Board, monitoring and configuration.
  • Connectors:
    • 3 SFP, all routed to FPGA MGT
    • 2 VHDCIs providing low-latency digital outputs, and control of EEMs
    • 1 FMC LPC with up to 5 DP
    • front panel SMA clock output
    • front panel SMA reference / clock input
    • rear MCX clock input.


This module can be used for building control and measurement systems for optical and quantum physics experiments and quantum technologies development. In particular, the Sinara ecosystem is tailored to the needs of working with trapped ions and cold atoms. Compatible with ARTIQ software.


More technical information:   Home · sinara-hw/Metlino Wiki · GitHub


We offer electronics engineering consultancy services related to Sinara hardware, including: custom modifications of hardware, custom firmware and gateware modifications, system design, integration and testing.

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