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Zotino is a 32-channel, 16-bit DAC (Digital Analog Converter) EEM.

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16-bit DAC EEM with an update rate of 1 MSPS (divided between the channels). This has been designed for low noise and good stability. Provides full-scale output ranges between +/-10V.

Technical Parameters

General information

  • Channel count: 32.
  • Resolution: 16-bit.
  • Update rate: 1MSPS, which may be divided arbitrarily between the channels.
  • Output voltage: ±10V
  • Output impedance: 470Ω in parallel with 2.2nF.
  • DAC: AD5372BCPZ.
  • EEM connectors: power and digital communication supplied by a single EEM connector.
  • Power consumption: 3W without load, 8.7W with max load on all channels.
  • DAC and reference source temperature can be stabilized using Thermostat module.


  • Zotino connects the 32 channels to both a HD68 connector on its front panel and to four IDC connectors on the board.
  • HD68-to-HD68 cables are available from Creotech.
  • At the remote end, the HD68 connection can be broken out to four IDC connectors using HD68-IDC.
  • Each IDC connection with 8 channels can be broken out to BNC or SMA using an IDC-BNC or IDC-SMA Adapter. It can be placed in the same crate as Zotino.


This module can be used for building control and measurement systems for optical and quantum physics experiments and quantum technologies development. In particular, the Sinara ecosystem is tailored to the needs of working with trapped ions and cold atoms. Compatible with ARTIQ software.


More technical information:


We offer electronics engineering consultancy services related to Sinara hardware, including: custom modifications of hardware, custom firmware and gateware modifications, system design, integration and testing.

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