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Continuously delivered data to the Earth, which helps to predict violent and dangerous meteorological phenomena, study the state of vegetation, movement of objects, determine, for example, the possibility of landslides in mining areas, can also be used to create maps of air traffic safety in the vicinity of airports.


The system, innovative on a global scale, will be fed with high-resolution satellite data (Earth Observation) obtained by photogrammetric methods, as well as all information from current databases of air obstacles. It will be used both in manned aviation and during helicopter operations (e.g. HEMS), as well as in unmanned aircraft (drone) flights.

Air obstacle detection – automated eTod (Electronic Terrain Obstacles Database) solution for aviation. A project sponsored by the NCBiR (National Center for Research and Development) and carried out with the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) and AP-TECH to design and implement an advanced system for precise air obstacle detection, monitoring, risk analysis and automated notification. SAMPLE is designed for obstacle detection in pre-defined areas surrounding selected airports, in compliance with the requirements of ICAO Annex 15. The system is also intended to support pre-flight analysis in drone operations or, for example, HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) operations.

The basic functionality of SAMPLE is based on the integration of data on obstacles detected using high-resolution satellite imagery with data and information from other sources, including data related to unsupervised landing sites monitored using AP-TECH’s improved HRESS system based on continuous CCTV surveillance.

The full scope of SAMPLE includes:

  • Automated or semi-automated generation and update of the eTOD database (Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data) in standard aviation formats
  • Three-dimensional visualization of information on terrain cover and air obstacles in the monitored/supervised areas
  • Monitoring and supervision of current air operations and UAV BVLOS flights in real-time and in relation to detected and monitored obstacles, using ADS-B, radar and MLAT technologies, with automated incident notification, analysis and reporting
  • Integration with specialized PANSA and ULC (Civil Aviation Authority) systems

The system is also intended for terrain surface analysis and obstacle detection in UAV operations areas, supporting pre-flight risk analysis (SORA) and enhancing flight security, especially in BVLOS mode. It also offers  potential for commercial use outside of aviation, for example to support Line of Sight Surveys (LOS) performed by telecom operators in microwave link planning.


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