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Internet Shop regulations

Creotech Sklep / Internet Shop regulations

The Internet shop related to the www.creotech.pl webpage is administered by:

Creotech Instruments S.A.
Okulickiego 7/9, 05-500 Piaseczno, Poland
NIP: 951-224-43-13;
Sąd Rejonowy dla m.st. Warszawy,
XIV Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego KRS 0000407094.


Phone: +48 22 233 10 27
E-mail: contact@creotech.pl



Internet Shop regulations
valid from 01.04.2018




CTI – Creotech Instruments S.A. with address Okulickiego 7/9, 05-500 Piaseczno, Poland, registered in the National Court Registry by the Regional Court for Warsaw with number KRS 0000407094, with tax identification number NIP: 9512244313, WWW: www.creotech.pl, phone: +48 22 233 10 27, e-mail: contact@creotech.pl .

Information about Product – information given by CTI in response to a price enquiry or other type of enquiry by the Client while using the “contact” or “cart” functions available on the Shop webpage, using the contact details given by the Client. Information about Product is provided to the Client via e-mail, using the e-mail address given by the Client in his contact details.

Client – a company, research institute, laboratory or other industry or research related entity, whose representative is using the Internet Shop in order to get acquainted with CTI products and in order to file an order related with the entities industrial, research or scientific activity.

The Civil Code – act from 23 April 1964 (Dz.U. 1964 nr 16 poz. 93 entry in the register of the Polish Parliament) with later changes.

Acknowledgment of order – acknowledgment by CTI stating that the Client’s order has been accepted for realization by CTI, provided to the Client via e-mail.

Product – movable goods offered for sale by CTI to Clients on the Shop webpage.

Przelewy24 – internet payment service of company PayPro S.A. with address Kancelarska 15, 60-327 Poznan, Poland, registered in the National Court Registry by the Regional Court for Poznan with number KRS 0000347935, with tax identification number NIP: 7792369887, WWW: www.przelewy24.pl, e-mail: serwis@przelewy24.pl., providing a platform for internet payment services related to the Internet Shop activities.

Regulations – the set of regulations presented here, describing how the Internet Shop functions and is to be used by the Client and how a contract between the Client and CTI is to be formed. With respect to Polish law on services provided electronically, the Regulations correspond to the set of rules mentioned in article 8 of the Act defined below.

Shop – the Internet Shop provided by CTI, related to the www.creotech.pl webpage, dedicated to providing the Client with information needed to get acquainted with CTI products and to channeling the contact between the Client and CTI (which allows to get information about the price and availability of products) through the “contact” or “cart” functionalities.

Contract – the contract of sale established between CTI and the Client at the moment when CTI provides the Client via e-mail with the Acknowledgement of order.

The Act – the act of Polish law on services provided electronically from 18 July 2002 (Dz.U.2017.1219 entry in the register of the Polish Parliament).

Enquiry about price – enquiry addressed by the Client to CTI through the “contact” or “cart” functionality of the Internet Shop, with the intent of learning the price of a given set of products.

Placing an order – filing an order for a Product by the Client to the contact address of CTI (e-mail or physical address).


General conditions


  1. The purchase of a Product proceeds according to the Regulations valid at the time of Placing an order.
  2. CTI sells its products only to business Clients (companies, research institutes, laboratories or other industry or research related entities).
  3. The Client can contact CTI, the owner of the Internet Store, via regular mail using the address Okulickiego 7/9, 05-500 Piaseczno, Poland, using the phone number: +48 22 233 10 27, or e-mail: kontakt@creotech.pl, WWW: www.creotech.
  4. In order to access the Internet Store a computer or mobile device is needed, complemented with an Internet browser supporting the Store webpage content and a keyboard and pointer allowing for the proper use of the “contact” and „cart” functionalities.
  5. The Client is obliged to:
    • respecting all the rules described in the Shop Regulations,
    • using CTI services in a way compliant with Polish law, along the rules described in the Shop Regulations and in a way not interfering with the Internet Shop functioning,
    • refrain from using the Shop webpage and its „contact” and „cart” functions to distribute uncalled for advertisement or information unrelated to the subject of CTI Products,
    • refrain from using the Shop webpage and its „contact” and „cart” functions to distribute information or content violating Polish law.
  1. CTI will employ all available technical and logistical resources to prevent any unauthorised third party from obtaining any data provided by the Client while using the „contact” or „cart” options or while Placing an order.
  2. CTI is obliged to consider all complaints, filed by the users of the Shop or its Clients, related to irregularities, malfunctions and interruptions in the functioning of the Internet Shop and give a reply using the contact information, if provided, not later than 7 (seven) days after the notification was received.
  3. Any Product prices or descriptions of products presented on the Internet Shop webpage are commercial information and do not constitute an offer in accordance with The Civil Code law. Any Product prices presented on the Shop webpage are netto prices in EUR and do not include delivery costs. CTI is entitled to change the Product prices presented on the Shop webpage. Any change in Product prices does not affect orders for which an Acknowledgment of order has already been issued.
  4. Any photographs of Products presented on the Shop webpage are given for illustration purposes only, in order to give the Client a general idea about the features of the Product, and do not give any binding information on the final estetical or functional features of the Product. In particular, the final Product obtained by the Client might not look exactly like in the photograph available on the Shop webpage. These restrictions do not apply to the technical specification details of Products provided on the Shop webpage.
  5. A subset of products offered on the Internet Shop webpage has built-in firmware or software. In all cases the firmware or software is distributed under an open licence.


How to use the Internet Shop


  1. By using the Internet Shop, as well as by using its “contact” and “cart” functions, the user and prospective Client acknowledges and accepts the Regulations of the Shop.
  2. The purpose of the Shop is to provide the Client with descriptions of Products. The „contact” or „cart” functionality allows the Client to file an Enquiry about price, availability and delivery costs of a chosen set of Products. Using the “contact” or „cart” functionalities is an electronically provided service regulated by The Act of Polish law.
  3. The electonically provided service (regulated by The Act of Polish law) ends with the moment the Client is provided with the Information about Product. The service can be also ended by CTI or the Client without giving any reason, by notification by e-mail or regular mail, after two weeks from receiving the notification.


How to place an order and enter a contract with CTI


  1. After receiving an Enquiry about price from the Client (procedure described in 2 point 1) CTI, outside the environment of the Shop, provides the Client with Information about Product by using the contact details provided by the Client. The offer provided by CTI contains information about the Product price, delivery price, time of realization of order and time of payment for the order. The order realization time depends on the Product availability, the chosen method of payment and the chosen method of delivery.
  2. If the Client, after receiving the Information about Product, expresses interest in purchasing the Product, CTI and the Client – outside the environment of the Shop – perform individual negotiations leading to a contract. For the purpose of this communication CTI uses the contact details provided by the Client. The contact details for communication with CTI are the following: e-mail: contact@creotech.pl, address: Okulickiego 7/9, 05-500 Piaseczno, Poland.
  3. The Client expresses his intent to buy a chosen Product (with price and realization time provided in the Information about Product given in response to an Enquiry about price or settled in later negotiations) consistent with technical specifications provided in the Product description available on the Shop webpage by Placing an order. Placing an order proceeds by using contact details provided by both sides and is possible at any time. An order filed after 17:00, on Saturday, Sunday or on public holidays will be considered not earlier than on the next working day.
  4. For the purpose of entering a contract, the price, product specifications and order realization time mentioned in point 3 of this paragraph will become formally binding with the moment of Acknowledgment of order by CTI.
  5. CTI can request the provision of documents prooving that the person Placing the order is entitled to represent the Client. CTI can halt the realization of the order until the time these documents are provided.
  6. The Client can request changes in the technical parameters and documentation of the Product only in writing, using the regular mail address of CTI or e-mail: contact@creotech.pl . CTI will acknowledge this request and re-evaluate the Product’s price and order realization time. If the change request is filed after CTI has started realizing the original order, the Client is obliged to cover the related costs. If an order has not been realized due to reasons attributed to CTI, CTI will cover all the costs of components and materials purchased in relation to this order. If the reason for not realizing an order is attributed to the Client, the Client is obliged to cover all the costs of components and materials purchased in relation to this order.




  1. The Client is obliged to pay for the order not later than on the payment due date specified in the Acknowledgment of order.
  2. The following payment methods are accepted by CTI: bank transfer to the account number specified in the Acknowledgment of order or payment by the Przelewy24 service (the link to the service is provided in the order confirmation).
  3. If the payment for the order is not realized by the payment due date specified in the Acknowledgement of order, the data of the Client and related order will be given to a vindication company and the Client will be charged with all the costs attributed to the vindication process and payment delay as forseen by Polish law.


Product delivery


  1. Ordered Products can be picked up personally at CTI (with no delivery costs) or delivered to the address specified in the order via a courier company (delivery costs presented in the CTI offer). During pick-up or delivery, the Client is obliged to check the state of the delivered product with the company representative or courier present. Reclamation of damage caused in delivery or reclamation of incomplete delivery will be considered only based on the delivery pick-up protocol signed by the CTI representative or courier, respectively. If judging the completeness of delivery is impossible at the point of delivery pick-up, the Client is obliged to hand in the reclamation of incomplete delivery as soon as possible, not later than 2 working days after delivery pick-up. Incompleteness or damage of a separable part of a delivery does not entitle the Client to file a reclamation with respect to the entire delivery.
  2. The Client is not entitled to reimbursement of costs resulting from order delay or cancellation by CTI if the delay or cancellation happens due to reasons beyond the control of CTI.
  3. If CTI is responsible for delivery of Product, CTI vouches for the costs resulting from order delay due to delivery problems attributed to the courier company only up to the costs of Product delivery.
  4. CTI holds the right to postpone the realization or delivery of an order if the Client did not regulate his previous financial obligations to CTI. In such a case the payment due date of the postponed order, as described in 3 point 1 of Regulations, does not change.
  5. CTI is not liable for any damage caused by improper use or storage of the Product, by components or materials used in relation to the Product by the Client or any third party. CTI is not liable for any damage resulting from external storage of the product after the product pick-up date of the Product has passed (if the reason for the delay in pick-up is not attributed to CTI).




  1. CTI gives the Client a quality guarantee for the Product, covering free repair or replacement of a faulty product if the origin of the malfunction is attributed to CTI. The guarantee holds for 12 months from the date of the order realization specified in the Acknowledgment of order.
  2. The quality guarantee does not cover:
    • damage created by improper use, improper connection of the device or improper installation (performed violating the instructions given in the documentation of the Product), modification or improper storage of Product by the Client o rany third party;
    • mechanical damage, damage caused by transport (if it is not stated otherwise in the delivery conditions) and damage caused by external influence like: contact with liquids, moisture (e.g. from rain or vapour condensation), non-optimal working temperatures, lightning, fire, improper voltage, improper ventilation, contact with chemical substances or other external conditions beyond control of CTI;
    • damage resulting from use, e.g. surface scratches or dirt marks.
  3. The malfunction of the product under reclamation should be confirmed by CTI. The Client is obliged to provide the Product under reclamation to CTI if requested (in writing) by CTI. Any controversy between the Client and CTI regarding the existence of a malfunction is resolved by an expert approved by both sides. The cost of the expertise is covered by CTI if the expert confirms the existence of a malfunction whose origin can be attributed to CTI. Otherwise the cost of the expertise is covered by the Client.
  4. CTI is obliged to inform the Client about the decision to accept or dismiss the reclamation not later than 14 days from the date of receiving the Product under reclamation.
  5. CTI does not extend the warranty law to its Products with respect to physical or legal defects of the Product or with respect to any loss the Client has suffered. The entire liability of CTI with respect to a Product cannot exceed the value of the order related to the loss suffered by the Client.


Final agreements


  1. The Client and CTI will aim to solve any issues which might arise in realtion to an order in a way of mutual compromise.
  2. If reaching a compromise proves not possible, any formal issues will be solved by Polish court of law, related to the geographical location of CTI.
  3. CTI is not liable for problems caused by server administrators blocking e-mails sent by CTI to the contact e-mail address provided by the Client or by any e-mails being blocked or deleted by the software installed on the Client’s computers.
  4. With respect to any issues not addressed by the Shop Regulations, the general rules of Polish law hold.
  5. The Shop Regulations fulfil the role of general contract conditions in the understanding of The Civil Code, hence they bind the Client and CTI as sides of the Contract.
  6. If any specific points of the Shop Regulations are recognized invalid by Polish law, this does not influence the validity of the remaining points of the regulations. CTI will aim to efficiently substitute the invalid points by new ones, consistent with the Polish law.
  7. In case of any inconsistency between the Polish and the English version of the Regulations, the Polish version is legally binding.
  8. CTI is entitled to change the Regulations. Any changes become binding after 2 days from the publication of the new set of Regulations on the Shop webpage and are not retroactive.
  9. This set of Regulations is valid since 01.04.2018.