EagleEye microsatellite system


The aim of the project is to develop an Earth observation satellite (the main product), to advance a universal microsatellite platform to TRL9 (e.g. enabling testing of third-party products in space) and to refine a number of systems for microsatellites. These systems will also be sold as independent products.

The satellite (EagleEye) will provide a resolution of 1 m. The resolution will be achieved thanks to the development of an optical telescope, stabilization system, satellite placement in a very low orbit (use of propulsion). The telescope will be placed on the platform, with components now in development under HyperSat programm. These components will be moved to TRL9. The satellite will be around 40x40x50 cm and weigh up to 50 kg.

The project is implemented by a scientific-industrial consortium: Creotech Instruments S.A. (leader), Scanway Sp. z o.o. and the Space Research Center CBK PAN (scientific partner).

Creotech Instruments S.A. is responsible for preparing the satellite platform, EagleEye carrier. It is based in part on the POIR.01.01.01-00-0024/17 project – under the project components of the HyperSat universal platform will be developed up to TRL7.

Scanway is responsible for preparing the optical telescope for the satellite. It will be based on the results of the POIR.01.01.01-00-0010/17 project – under the project TRL7 will be reached by satellite telescope for nanosatellites.

CBK PAN is responsible for developing key elements: supercomputer, stabilization system and testing. CBK PAN experience gathered in the projects done for ESA and the Foundation for Polish Science will be used.

As part of the project, the satellite will undergo tests in space and reach TRL9. EagleEye is a response to the growing market need associated with a high resolution, cheap, small, reliable Earth observation satellite. Additionally the need to test third-party products in orbit and the demand for specialized products for the Space 4.0 sector will be met.

The project is part-financed by the European Union. The funding comes from the European Regional Development Fund of the Smart Growth Development Operational Programme 2014-2020.

The project’s total budget stands at PLN 44 889 712,50.

Funding amount: PLN 27 253 450,63.

Project duration: 01.04.2020 – 31.12.2023

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