What we do

Developing and delivering advanced technologies that are crucial for the space industry, science and other important sectors of economy.

Proudly working with and supporting:
  • esa
  • cern
  • airbus
  • Thales Alenia Spac
  • creotech LNLS
  • creotech gsi
  • creotech ncbj
  • WAT
  • maxar-technologies


Designing, building and assembling space systems, which perform nominally on their first flight. Rooted in the best traditions of the space industry worldwide, and with a strong background in complex electronics design.

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Designing, manufacturing and supplying advanced control and measurement systems for research institutes and technological startups around the world.

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Drone management and mission data processing systems (UAVs) and Earth Observation Data Acquisition and Sharing (EO)

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Contract manufacturing of advanced electronics. Focusing on high level of reliability, state-of-the-art equipment reaching the most stringent quality standards.

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Meet Creotech Instruments

Culture of forward-thinking, delivering innovative solutions and constantly pushing boundaries brought us here.


Challenging and rewarding careers

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Always looking for talented people who understand our values and can work in an innovative, dynamically developing work environment.

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