Creotech Instruments has signed an executive agreement with the European Commission

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Creotech Instruments, as a member of an international consortium, has signed an implementing agreement with the European Commission to carry out the project’s first phase of building a 100-qubit quantum computer for the European Union by 2025. The contracted works comprise the first stage of the program outlined in the framework agreement, with the next goal being to achieve technological readiness to build a 1000-qubit solution by 2029. Under the agreement, which will run until August 2025, the consortium’s budget was set at approximately EUR 20m, with around EUR 2.2m allocated to Creotech Instruments.

The project to build the first large-scale quantum computer for the EU will be funded through Quantum Flagship, a dedicated program for the development of quantum technologies under the framework of Horizon Europe. The global quantum computer market is projected to reach USD 1bn by 2026, up from USD 472m in 2021.

“Creotech Instruments’ involvement in this unique project to develop a large quantum computer for the European Union is both a source of pride and a testament to our expertise in the field of quantum technologies. Led by Anna Kamińska, PhD, who directs the company’s quantum computing efforts, our team is laying the technological foundations for this groundbreaking field in Europe. The European Commission’s decision to contract us as the sole entity from Central and Eastern Europe for this significant and prestigious project attests to our readiness to be a major player in Europe’s quantum computer market and marks a significant step towards our goal of becoming a leader in providing specialized electronics for the quantum computing sector. We are determined to complete our part of the project, not only to achieve tangible financial benefits in excess of PLN 10m but also to secure valuable references and strengthen our position in the international arena,” said Grzegorz Brona, PhD, President of the Management Board of Creotech Instruments S.A.

The goal of the project’s first stage is to deliver a 100-qubit computer by 2025 for the European Union. It is anticipated that the solutions developed up to that point will help achieve the technological readiness required to build a large, 1000-qubit quantum computer. A qubit is the basic unit of memory in quantum computers and the smallest unit that can transmit quantum information.

“As part of the first stage, we will design and deliver control systems for ion traps. The systems will be developed based on a new integrated circuit concept designed to be compatible with cryogenic conditions. This system will play a crucial role in the scalable management of the quantum processor, enabling the implementation of the second stage of the project in the coming years and facilitating the development of 1000-qubit solution, which will be the largest quantum computer available to the European Union,” adds Anna Kamińska, PhD, responsible for the development of the quantum segment at Creotech Instruments S.A.

The development of a large quantum computer for the European Union is not the only quantum project in which the Creotech Instruments team plays a significant role. The company is a contributor to Sinara, the most advanced qubit control hardware ecosystem on the market, developed together with the University of Oxford and other partners. Offering a 20-fold improvement in quantum system efficiency, Sinara’s other features include standardized management and reduced energy consumption.

In addition to its involvement in building a large quantum computer for the European Union, Creotech Instruments is also responsible for developing Poland’s first quantum computer. This solution will be built in the HPC infrastructure of the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center and will be launched as part of a distributed network of quantum computers deployed in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Poland. The total budget for installing six quantum computers at the specified locations under the program’s umbrella is EUR 100m.

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