Creotech Instruments S.A. Management Board Statement


Dear Shareholders,


To address the concerns raised by our shareholders regarding the present geopolitical situation and particularly its effect on the operations of Creotech Instruments S.A., please be advised that we currently do not work with any counterparties from Russia or Ukraine.


The company does not in any way rely on the supply of components from the regions mentioned above. Please also note that all the assumed operational processes remain uninterrupted and continue in line with the Management Board’s expectations.


This situation attests to the growing global demand for early reconnaissance resources, particularly satellite data. We are proud that our employees are developing and, in the coming years, will deliver our own Polish observation satellites (as part of the EagleEye program). It bears mentioning that one Creotech’s key satellite imaging projects is PIAST, a program commissioned by the Polish Armed Forces. These projects rely on our proprietary Polish technology rendering them independent from external factors.


Best regards,


Management Board of Creotech Instruments S.A.

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