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DI/OT 3U crate (19″rack variant)

The 3U crate is a main component of the Distributed I/O Tier hardware kit.

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The 3U crate is a main component of the Distributed I/O Tier hardware kit. The enclosure is assembled using 3U sub-rack components compatible with the IEC 60297-3 and IEEE 1101.10-1996 mechanical standards.

The crate provides:

  • in-house designed 9 slot backplane compatible with CompactPCI Serial standard
  • support to host Rear Transition Modules (RTMs) – the RTMs are usually fully passive boards that provide an interface with external equipment through a direct RTM connector to the corresponding Peripheral Board
  • two power supply slots (two power backplanes) to host dual modular redundancy power supplies in load-sharing configuration

1U Fan Tray module that can be mounted either below or above the main 3U crate

Technical parameters

General information

DI/OT main backplane

The backplane provides:

  • a star topology of 144 LVDS lanes in total (18 LVDS lanes per Peripheral Slot) used as differential or single-ended I/Os to implement communication between the System and Peripheral Boards. Out of those, 1 LVDS lane per Peripheral Slot is reserved for the distribution of low-jitter clock and 2 LVDS lanes are designated for high-speed communication
  • the Reset line driven by the System Slot to reset all the Peripheral Boards
  • a set of 5 multidrop lines (multidrop IRQs) can be used as interrupt lines of 5 priorities, or for any other one-to-many signaling.
  • a star of single-ended presence detection signals and a service I2C bus (shared among all the slots)
  • distribution of 4 auxiliary voltages to all Peripheral Slots.


More technical information about the crate:

More technical information about the DI/OT project:

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