Science DIO - Digital Input Output FMC


The FMC DIO 32CH TTL A is a 4 x 8-bit port digital IO card in FMC form-factor.

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KK 122_FMC_DIO_32ch_TTLa
KK 123_FMC_DIO_32ch_TTLa
KK 120_FMC_DIO_32ch_TTLa
KK 118_FMC_DIO_32ch_TTLa

Each 8-bit port on the the FMC DIO 32CH TTL A board can be configured individually as input or output. IOs are TTL compatible.

Technical Parameters


  • 32 input/output ports
  • Output level 3.3V, input level up to 5.5V
  • Output raise/fall times max 3ns
  • 4-layer PCB
  • Tyco MD5RP50F0L3 connector
  • 3 diodes signalizing pwr, patch connection and proper connection with external patch.


This module can be used together with one of our Carriers for building control and measurement systems in MTCA standard. In particular, it is tailored to the requirements of fast hard real time systems with multi-channel processing and White Rabbit ultra-precise time synchronization. Use cases include control systems for large research infrastructures.



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