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Kasli-SOC is Xilinx Zynq® version of Kasli FPGA controller.

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Kasli-SOC is Zynq 7030 based controller, fully compatible with EEM peripherals.

Technical parameters

General information

Board features:

  • XC7Z030-3FFG676I, 1 GB DDR3 RAM SoC
  • RJ45 100/1000T Ethernet (the same as on ZC706)
  • USB 2.0 connector (PS UART, PL UART, JTAG)
  • SDRAM only for PS
  • Rest specifications the same as Kasli.

Front panel connections

  • 4 SFP connectors each with a LED indicator.
    • SFP0: DRTIO downstream (if Kasli is master), DRTIO upstream otherwise
    • SFP1 – 3: DRTIO downstream
  • 1 micro-USB for JTAG, serial console, I2C master.
  • 1 SMA for the clock recovery and clock distribution chip used as RTIO reference clock input (5 dBm sine/square recommended).
  • 1 RJ45 for 100/1000T Ethernet.
  • Barrel connector for +12V power, used for Kasli and passed through to the EEM IDCs. Compatible with locking barrel connectors for increased ruggedness.

EEM connectivity

  • 12 EEM connectors available on the board.
  • 4 MMCX connectors with reference clock for EEMs.


This module can be used for building control and measurement systems for optical and quantum physics experiments and development of quantum technologies. In particular, the Sinara ecosystem is tailored to the needs of working with trapped ions and cold atoms. Kasli-SOC can be used as a controller in servo loop to control the signal between Urukul and Sampler via ARTIQ software. This configuration allows to stabilize power of cooling lasers.


More technical information:


We offer electronics engineering consultancy services related to Sinara hardware, including: custom modifications of hardware, custom firmware and gateware modifications, system design, integration and testing.

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