White Rabbit

White Rabbit technology was created at CERN and was fully tested under very demanding conditions of this largest and most powerful hadron collider infrastructure in the world. It allows you to build a fully deterministic Ethernet-based network for general purpose data transfer and time synchronization with sub-nanosecond accuracy over large distances.

White Rabbit offers:

  • sub-nanosecond synchronization and picoseconds precision of synchronization for large distributed systems
  • connecting thousands of nodes with typical distances of 10 km between nodes
  • Ethernet-based gigabit rate reliable data transfer
  • precision time-tagging of measured data
  • easy triggering of data taking in large installations.

Main applications of White Rabbit are found in control and data processing systems requiring deterministic timing over large distances, in particular:

  • telecommunication (5G)
  • financial transactions (HFT)
  • power grids synchronization
  • geo-positioning
  • scientific infrastructures: particle accelerators, telescope arrays.

Our White Rabbit products include:

  • White Rabbit Switch (WRS) – the key component of all White Rabbit systems that provides precision timing and high accuracy synchronization in an Ethernet-based network; WRS distributes the clock of a WRS master (or its internal clock) to all the nodes in the network using a hierarchical architecture,
  • Simple PCIe Carrier SPEC – a cost-efficient carrier that can hold one FMC card and an SFP connector; together with FMC DIO 5CH TTL A it forms a basic White Rabbit node,
  • The AMC FMC Carrier family including AFC, AFCK (Kintex) and AFCZ (ZynQ) with a very flexible clock circuit that enables any clock source to be connected to any clock input, including telecom clock, FMC clocks and FPGA; The carriers together with various Creotech FMC and RTM cards can be used as nodes in a White Rabbit network with high signal processing power. They are perfect for building hard real time applications.

We offer:

  • White Rabbit products and customer support
  • White Rabbit system design and consultancy services.

More information about White Rabbit: https://ohwr.org/project/white-rabbit/wikis/home

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